Thermostat allows you to keep an eye on your temperature settings in your home and make changes without leaving your desk. Review and reverse temporary temperature overrides, and set your thermostat to the temperature that best suits you.

Thermostat user interface
Basic Edition:
  • Review thermostat settings and schedule at a glace
  • Display indoor temperature, target temperature, or outside temperature in the taskbar
  • Automatically connect to multiple wireless thermostats in your home, change thermostat network settings, and diagnose connectivity issues
  • Talk directly to devices over your wireless network, without need for remote internet access 

Premium Edition: *
  • Advanced control of your wireless thermostat from your pc
  • Improve air circulation by automatically operating the fan a percentage of each half-hour
  • Create temperature and fan program schedules
  • Enable automatic mode changeover
  • Track heating and cooling runtime history, outdoor weather, solar radiation and more with Excel export

New in version 1.14:
  • Away fan and temperature settings
  • Celsius is now supported throughout

Manage multiple thermostats with ease

System tray menu

More than 25 data points are logged

Thermostat log

* Thermostat for Windows Premium is licensed for a single thermostat. Each thermostat requires a seperate license.

Wi-Fi enabled Radio Thermostat installation is required.


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