Release History

Version 1.19   August 27, 2017 - Current version download

  • Updated broken weather service api and thermostat registration cloud sign-in

Version 1.18   June 18, 2015 - Previous version download
  • Updated thermostat cloud registration service

Version 1.17.8   September 22, 2013 - Previous version download
  • Auto changeover automation fully supports automatic switching of target temperature between Away heat and cool setpoints when in Away
  • Temporary target temperature and Away convenience targets can be set when thermostat is Off or on Auto mode
  • Enabled auto changeover from Off setting
  • Resolved issues with sign-in and connection re-establishment
  • Fixed bugs with user idle and internet connectivity detection in Windows Vista
  • Major maintenance revision and internal clean up in preparation for future development
  • Logging engine rewritten to use a SQLite database
    • All runtime calculations are now based on total runtime observed. Julian date is recorded to allow for easy statistics in the near future
    • Logging is now an automation server-only function. Clients disconnect when the computer is idle
    • Hourly fan circulation calculations are now initialized from log database
  • Improved cloud based settings synchronization
  • Improved thermostat connection reliability
    • Reduced http calls to thermostat improving device stability
    • Basic thermostat commands are retried on network failure
    • While running Thermostat for Windows on multiple computers, secondary clients will try to stop connecting to the thermostat, and route through to reduce thermostat traffic

Version 1.16   October ‎6, ‎2012 - Previous version download
  • Initial support for installation on Windows 8
  • Fixed weather update query
  • Added ability to delete offline thermostats from registration server

Version 1.15.1   ‎January ‎24, ‎2011 - Previous version download
  • Added option to change color of text displayed in the taskbar
  • Improved large font DPI rendering
  • Fixed application quit when resuming from sleep
  • Fixed crash during thermostat search on Windows XP and Windows Home Server operating systems
  • Thermostat wireless network provisioning greatly simplified
  • Added hardware Auto changeover compatibility for Radio Thermostat model CT50 V1.94
  • Fixed a bug causing "Thermostat is already started" message at startup
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.14
  • Auto changeover protection algorithm now reverses user cool mode setting that may lead to compressor damage when outdoor temperatures are too low
  • Away mode is now supported with ability to toggling between Away, Hold, and Schedule target temperature settings
  • Hide or show columns in log viewer
    • Log export is now based on user selected detail level
    • Copy and paste records with visible columns into a spreadsheet or text editor
  • Improved handling of failed thermostat operations
  • Location of thermostat window on screen is now preserved on close
  • Decreased minimum fan circulation operation time from 4 minutes to 3 minutes every half-hour
  • Regional date and number format honored in log file
  • Added support for setting temperatures in half-degrees for both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Added ability to copy and apply a schedule day everyday of the week, week days, or Saturday and Sunday only
  • Added configurable user warnings when switching mode to cooling when outdoor temperature is below 55F
  • Added weather condition description to log
  • Added Celsius support to data log
  • Schedule target toggle now activates fan setting in fan schedule
  • Effective period is highlighted in schedule editor
  • Selectable fan circulation percentage and logging options added to settings dialog
  • Weather conditions are now updated more frequently
  • Significantly improved app stability in large thermostat installations. You can now,
    • Independently choose which thermostats to launch on logon
    • Display or hide all thermostats from the system tray
    • Close individual thermostats
  • Improved log viewer layout
  • Updated thermostat firmware to version 1.04.77
  • Pending thermostat adjustments are now applied before the application is closed
  • Schedule editor now warns of fan/heat/cool time period problems
  • Added support for application setting synchronization across multiple installations when signed-in
  • Several bug fixes including
    • Fix for a usability defect preventing schedule editing when thermostat schedule cannot be read from thermostat
    • Fix for GDI+ memory leaks
    • Fix for a few minor log viewer bugs
    • Fix for zero degree temperature display bug
    • Fix for a bug reading program schedules with repeating time periods
    • Fix for user interface freezing in certain situations
  • Added accessibility keyboard shortcuts for mode and fan buttons:
    Alt-T Set target temperature
    Alt-O Mode Off
    Alt-C Mode Cool
    Alt-H Mode Heat
    Alt-A Mode Auto
    Alt-U Fan Auto
    Alt-N Fan On
    Alt-R Fan Circ
    Alt-M Fan Time
    F5 Hard refresh
    PageUp Increase target temperature
    PageDown Decrease target temperature
  • Redesigned cloud service engine for greater performance, security, and scalability

Version 1.13
  • Fixed a bug with premium license activation
  • Added additional checks to reject bad network settings
  • Fixed a regional number formatting bug affecting log and weather data
  • Added detailed status messages to the cloud registration dialog
  • Added support for new registration process

Version 1.12
  • Added easy access log button to main interface
  • Added server connection confirmation dialog, and improved registration process
  • Fixed an application crash when clicking the 'Export to CSV file' button from the log viewer
  • Increased startup speed and made connection improvements
  • Added button to allow clients to connect to remote thermostat servers when disconnected from the cloud
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Removed a bug preventing the Thermostat for Windows Server from remaining enabled when disconnected from the cloud
    • Corrected a problem reading the fan schedule from the cloud
  • Thermostat for Windows Servers are now remotely accessible through the internet
  • Many bug fixes

Version 1.11
  • Increased log viewer loading speed
  • More stability improvements

Version 1.10
  • Updated the 'Options' dialog to toggle server automation settings off when Thermostat for Windows Server is disabled
  • Bug fixes in logging when the thermostat is in a disconnected state
  • Improved thermostat log viewer
  • Program menu shortcut created during install to easily add new thermostats
  • Updated options dialog to allow Thermostat for Window Server to be disabled for multi-installation usage
  • Minor user interface bug fixes
  • Log viewer added to allow quick viewing, export, and deletion of log entries
  • Fixed an issue with the application freezing after resuming from sleep
  • Improved schedule editor load time by moving schedule reading to 'Refresh' button
  • Added Celsius support to schedule editor and added fine-grain control for temperature set point in C degrees

Version 1.9
  • Thermostat for Windows will now start when a previously known thermostat is offline and wait to reconnect. Offline thermostats can be manually deleted from the system tray
  • Rebuilt setup installer and signed the setup.exe with a digital certificate to allow verification of authenticity
  • Replaced application update prompt at launch with an update indicator on the thermostat interface. A star button now appears when a new update is available
  • Fixed bug loading fan program in schedule editor
  • New landscape orientation: double click title bar to rotate between orientation modes
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales are both supported
  • Added accessibility cues and mnemonic shortcuts for buttons
  • Refined user interface layout and DPI scaling compatibility
  • Several bug fixes
    • Added additional time zone logic to determining weather condition publication time, correcting outdoor temperature display for states such as Arizona in Mountain Standard Time (MST) and many more international locations 
    • Fixed occasional application freeze due to concurrent settings file access
    • Schedule editor automatically retries on read communication failure
    • Disable "run at startup" registry setting is working correctly

Version 1.8
  • Updated schedule reading wait dialogs
  • Increased readability of temperature set point gauge and added current temperature marker
  • Improved thermostat http connection handling
  • Added shortcut to program folder to manually start new thermostat wireless network provisioning process
  • Added support to reconnect after DHCP ip address change
  • Fixed a bug causing the fan schedule to be disabled
  • Thermostat for Windows now upgrades obsolete thermostat firmware on startup
  • Wireless signal strength information added to the About dialog
  • Handling for out-of-date weather conditions added
  • User interface bug fixes
  • Simplified and improved stability of fan air circulation algorithm
  • Fixed bugs in automatic fan and mode operation
  • Thermostat hostname and alternate port can now be specified at the command line
  • Increased speed of initial application startup
  • Thermostat discovery and loading processes are significantly improved
  • Fixed several user interface bugs

Version 1.7
  • Wireless network configuration: Enabled update to network configuration and thermostat setup while in ad-hoc wireless provisioning mode
  • Added firmware upgrade for thermostats in wireless provisioning mode
  • Bug fixes
  • HVAC temperature protection lockout: Added minimum Cool outdoor temperature and maximum Heat outdoor temperature operation block based on conditions reported at location to help protect HVAC systems from damaging user settings
  • Added compatibility with custom DPI settings
  • Improved user mode selection experience
  • International weather location support added
  • IP Address specification: Added dialog to manually specify thermostat IP addresses in different subnets
  • Fixed bug in coding of static IP address network assignment flag
  • Fixed ARP failure resulting in error message "Cannot communicate with thermostat"
  • Program schedule synchronization: Added internal function to read heat/cool program schedules at first startup and at the end of each scheduled program period (four times per day), to synchronize with web-based program modifications
  • Added workaround to restore target temperature settings lost after reading heat/cool program schedules
  • Reduced minimum automatic change-back mode selection time from 120 to 90 minutes
  • Corrected hourly fan runtime logic error from version 1.4 causing "Circ" mode to remain disabled
  • Fan cycle protection: Added minimum four minute fan runtime to emulated "Circ" mode logic to prevent very short automatic fan operation times
  • Added two hour minimum time lapse between "Auto" mode change-back operation; if software automatically changes thermostat from heat to cool, automatic return to heat mode is delayed 120 minutes
  • Added visual indicator of active heating/cooling mode for "Auto" heating/cooling selection
  • Application updater added

Version 1.6
  • Reduced memory consumption per thermostat from 100MB to less than 10 MB
  • Fixed target temperature setting when thermostat is set to "Auto" heating/cooling mode
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.5
  • Computer sleep support: Automatically returns Fan to "Auto" on shutdown when emulated “Circ” mode is enabled
  • Added feature to change heating/cooling mode based on target temperature user settings when "Auto" heating/cooling is enabled

Version 1.4
  • Increased thermostat data refresh frequency to every minute
  • Added code to gracefully handle disconnected connection state when http connection to thermostat is lost for more than a couple minutes
  • Added current weather condition icon to user interface

Version 1.3
  • Schedule editing: Introduced Heat and Cool program schedule editor
  • Programmable fan: Enabled programmable fan times based on user-defined schedule

Version 1.2
  • Individual thermostat configuration by UUID
    • Per thermostat ZIP code for multi-location scenarios
    • Circ and Auto temperature mode settings per thermostat
  • Introduced “Auto” heating/cooling mode emulation defaulting based on outdoor weather
  • Added air circulation percentage user setting for emulated “Circ” mode
  • Added ability to manually launch Thermostat for Windows from the command line
    • e.g.Thermostat.exe http://thermostatip/
  • Several bug fixes

Version 1.1
  • Improved installer: Installs and runs directly on Windows Vista / 7 without .Net framework download
  • Added support for thermostat discovery across multiple network cards
  • Increased emulated "Circ" mode air circulation evaluation from once per hour to twice per hour
  • Improved application launch experience with configuration healing and startup bug fixes
  • Major rewrite of thermostat temperature UI interaction logic:
    • UI is more responsive and forgiving
    • Waits until users is "done" making changes before refreshing device status
  • Added error tolerance to handle bad HTTP response from thermostat
  • Data logging modified to breakout data by UUID for multi-thermostat usage
  • Support for logging with Excel file export:
    • Latitude, Longitude, Solar Radiation, Temperature, User Cool Temperature, User Heat Temperature, User Hold, User Override, User Fan Setting, User Mode, Fan State, Mode State Outdoor Humidity, Outdoor Temperature, Outdoor Conditions Time, High Temperature Forecast, Low Temperature Forecast, Daily Cooling Minutes, Daily Heating Minutes Hourly Fan Minutes
  • Added hourly fan runtime tracking
  • Emulated fan "Circ" mode: Added "Circ" mode for thermostat without hardware-based air circulation features

Initial Version 1.0
  • Automatic device discovery against multiple thermostats in local area network
  • Minimizes to notification tray with user defined temperature display
  • Pulls outside temp and high/low forecast from NOAA weather feeds
  • Basic version displays thermostat settings
  • Premium license key enables users to change thermostat settings:
    • User operation of thermostat mode, target temperature, hold, and fan setting